Monday, November 21, 2011

It's been a long time?

Hey Friends,

It seems like forever since I posted anything and yes it has been a while. I needed to take a break from my weekly creations and challenges to get ready for my craft sale & bazaar this year. I was not able to take part last winter as my craft room was still packed up from my summer move. And I started late this year in preparation and trust me the panic button was stuck on for the 2 weeks up until my sale.

My craft sale was great, and I had lots of new items this year and some of my old favorites. I even have a few orders that I need to complete. So once I get those finished everything should be back to normal. And onto my own Christmas cards that I personally like to send out.

I'm still around I've just been very busy and hopefully I'll get back to my old routine in no time!

See you soon,

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