Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Year of 2010!

Since I have been on a 6 month sabbatical, I thought I should update you on all that has happened in this past year. For 1. The joy of looking for a home. 2. Purchasing my very first home & 3. Packing up my life and moving it all into my first home.

So what have I been doing the past 3 months, to start off I unpacked the main areas pretty much within the first two weeks. Then I started (but still have not finished) painting the kitchen, ahh the joys of painting by yourself. Enjoying the peace and quiet of having insulated walls, after apartment living for the last 12 years its very hard to de-sense yourself from hearing your neighbors do absolutely everything. I went all out for my house warming and was overwelmed by the appearance of so many guests that were able to make it for my little come and go.

To now which brings us too November. This past weekend I decided to put up the Christmas tree a couple weeks earlier than usually but hell why not. It's my 1st Christmas in my very first home and who cares anyways I don't get much for company and it's going to be me who looks at it every day now until December 25th anyways.

Unfortunately because my craft room has been boxed up since May I have not been able to make or do any crafts whatsoever related to my card making. So that means, no craft sale at all this year and your going to have to buy your Christmas cards from somewhere else this year. All in all I'm sure I'll be gearing to go to jump into the sales for 2011.

Thanks for stopping by,
I would like to wish everyone a healthy & joyous Holiday Season and all the best for the New Year!