Monday, April 25, 2011

Cricut Expression 2 Give Away

Mixology Crafts is given one away head over to there site to see how you can enter.

Cricut Expression 2 Anniversary Edition


Mat Preview. With mat preview you can organize all your shapes and designs right on the LCD screen and see exactly where they fit on your mat before you start to cut.

Material Setting. Lets you store your materials setting in memory for all the different types of materials you like to cut.

What is the Same? The Expression 2 uses the same blades, blade housing, pens, and mats as the regular Cricut expression.

Cartridges: The Cricut Expression 2 works with ALL cartridges, including the Imagine cartridges.

Cutting Light: A nice feature that is unique to the Expression 2 is a tiny light mounted by the cutting blade that will shine on the mat and cutting area. This can be great to help illuminate your working area in a lower light situation.

Exclusive images come already installed on the Expression 2, so you have content ready to go.

The Expression 2 Anniversary variety of colors!

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